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Communicating with Congress


E-mailing Your Elected Officials

Veteran Washington reporter Craig Crawford offers some tips on how to write an effective letter to Congress. (Transcription available here. )

Members of Congress prefer to hear from their constituents by e-mail. It’s faster, easier to sort and doesn’t present any security risks. (Read more here.) In order to avoid having their in boxes flooded with spam and letters from people in other states, Senators and Representatives require people e-mailing them to supply an address and other information before sending an e-mail. Because of these requirements, however, you cannot e-mail more than one of your elected officials at the same time through their Web sites.

You can write them all through however. Simply go to our registration page, and enter a valid e-mail address and ZIP code and you can register to write all of your state or federal officials at one time. We’ll help you figure out who represents you in Congress and in your state government and make it easy for you to send them letters in the future with just one click.

There are other benefits to registration. You can also post up to four Soapboxes a month to encourage other voters to contact Congress about issues that are important to you. And you can sign up for a weekly e-mail called MegaVote to help you keep track of how your Members of Congress voted on key legislation, a weekly newsletter about important issues to activists like yourself and two newsletters about health care and the environment.

When you’re writing Congress, remember to tell your story — explain how this issue is affecting your life in personal terms. You speak for hundreds of other voters who didn’t take the time to write, so choose your words carefully. And avoid ALL CAPS!





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