No Nukes


Nuclear Power is an accident waiting to happen. 


Many nuclear reactors are built directly on or near fault lines!


With all the safe renewable resources available it makes no sense to poison our environment for potentially thousands of years. We simply do not have the ability to adequately dispose of radioactive wastes. Please take the time to educate yourself to the facts. Do not take anyone’s word for this – it is too important – we are standing on a precipice.

We are saying No to the Nuclear Power Industry, No to non-sustainable types of Energy Industries and Yes to the Renewable Resource Industries. NASA’s images of our planet are included in various locations on this blog/website to remind us that we are all in this together.

Nuclear power cannot be used until we can effectively process the waste and we have not yet come even close to this. Las Vegas were Yucca mountain was going to be the Nation’s nuclear waste dump. So I learned all about the costs and how ineffective we were. The solution was going to be shipping very dangerous, radioactive contaminates across our beautiful country passing innocent pregnant women and children who would receive unsafe levels of exposure from sitting in their cars next to a truckload. Then we were going to put it all in one place, deep underground in a geologically unsound cavern we were digging with enormous machines. Did anyone but me see a movie script in this? Luckily that answer was no and that law did not pass.

The risks are too great!




















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