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During most of our lives, having adequate supplies of food hasn’t been an issue. That has not always been the case. In fact, the recorded history of this planet indicates food supplies have been seasonal, local and often scant. Post WWII this country discovered several industries and food was right near the top. The food industry is like a good news, bad news joke. They are responsible for a plentiful global distribution system while at the same time, they are distributing food that is often not in our best interest to consume.

I love the creative process of cooking, we think about the end product first, collect the necessary ingredients, assemble/prepare them, use some method to heat/chill and end up with something delicious that we put inside our bodies. It is a good all around set of tasks that literally feed the mind-body-spirit.
Further to that, food can heal us or harm us; use a simple mushroom growing in the woods as an example. Which one is it? Making the wrong choice will kill; some of these little fellows are extremely toxic. I have no personal knowledge of which are which, so I do not eat mushrooms in the wild. It is an unnecessary risk but a choice made for ignorance on the topic. I have no imperative need to educate myself on this particular point and it is completely unimportant to my daily life. 

There are several basic ingredients contained in most processed foods such as partially hydrogenated oils that are extremely questionable so I carefully read labels whenever I buy something new. Those oils are deal-killers for me; if it’s on the label I put the product back on the shelves and go to the next one. I also write to the food processors to complain about them and often their response has been something like seeking out their alternative products. This is an educated choice I make and it is important to the quality of my life. I “boycott” one product and by purchasing another, I am sending a message to all involved.

Herbs and seasonings are our secret weapons! They add nutritional value and flavor without adding fat and high calories. I will post recipes with nutritional information as inspiration. Herbs and seasonings have important healing properties and there is much written on these topics.
This isn’t a cooking/recipe site per se but food is an important part of what keeps us vibrant and alive. I have many soapbox issues to post about the food chain. I consider food to be part of alternative healing, sustainable living, the environment and proactive vigilance so you will often find these posts with cross-linked categories.

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