Astrological Insights

Throughout my life, astrology has played an important and significant role. I was a star-gazer first with a passionate interest in the solar system. Growing up near a large body of water, I witnessed first hand the effects our moon has directly on our planet. I studied a lot of psychology in college and found I was attracted to the writings of Carl Jung. It was he who legitimized the use of astrology in my mind.
I studied my chart and the psychology behind it – not from a fatalist view – but from a transformative one. It was and continues being an invaluable tool to help me understand myself and how I might manage potentials.
Please enjoy the various posts on this topic.
One Response to “Astrological Insights”
  1. Judy, nice mix of graphics and I like the typestyle and color, your wonderful intro. Hugs, Cerena Childress

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