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This site is published with pages and posts. All posts have one or more categories. There is a menu across the top with the main pages. All posts can be read from the Home Page. To the right are various menus to help move through the site such as Top Posts, Most Recent Posts, View by Categories, Search Option, Top Categories. Posts can be filtered and viewed from any page.

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 Click the image at the immediate left to view Archive Page which shows all posts organized in several ways. It lists all pages in this site first, below that all posts organized by categories listed in alphabetical order. To the right are all posts listed in chronological order. 

All articles are linked to their original source by the title within the post. There are often other links in the post and all will open another window.


Click on the Globe image at the left to play a short video to visualize global healing. The full sized video is on the Environment Menu under Global Healing. A smaller version is available at the furtherest right column and can be found by scrolling down.


Click on the Greenpeace image at the right to open the Greenpeace Action Form on their website. This can be found by scrolling down.


 Clicking on the image to the right will open the Contacts Main Page with basic information about how to write letters.

Contacts Lists can be found in the Category menus under Proactive.



Flickr Photos

This is a live connection to my Flickr account with uploaded graphics relevant to these topics. Depending on the view, this is available to the left. Click on a picture to go to the Flickr account. All pictures are organized using the same categories as pages. Please refer to the individual pages for more details.


Live RSS Feeds Presented on this site: 


Renewable Energy News

Pew Center On Global Climate Change

Food Freedom

Mother Earth News – Featured Articles



Environmental News Network

Consumer Energy Report

Greenpeace International 

Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)

 Mother Earth News – Natural Health












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