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I am a concerned private U.S. citizen. It is my hope this site helps to wake people up to what is really going on in the world around us. It is my wish that you are inspired to act, re-act and be proactive.

We need to become awake, aware and take action using none violent, productive means such as boycotting goods and services or by letting our elected officials know how we feel. The Internet and computers give us wonderful opportunities to contact many individuals with what is on our mind by one click.

It is my intention to  find news worthy material from credible sources with accurate facts and present them on this site for everyone to read and to draw their own conclusions. The focus topics are indicated by menu items across the top of the page.

The next primary feature of this site for the U.S.A. will be action forms on many topics that take seconds to complete and will be sent to many important policymakers of your choice and within your districts. Due to automation features, these various forms will open to other windows and websites. Please see the right side of the page for a menu to view postings by categories including Action Forms.

Facebook is being used as a location for the scripts to run automated programs by groups such as  The People’s Email Network that allows us to create our action items. The links for active campaigns can be found at the right.

Please take the time to complete as many as possible after you have formed your opinions. There are many Contact Lists posted on this site for you to initiate your own correspondence. Again, please filter postings for these contact lists by using the Categories List on the right.

For above graphic © Keren Segev | Dreamstime.com

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