Oregon farmers wait anxiously on Monsanto ‘Round Up’ Ruling

Oregon farmers wait anxiously on Monsanto ‘Round Up’ Ruling

By Carol Forsloff.
Oregon farmers are up in arms about Monsanto and so they are watching a lawsuit against the food giant as it impacts Oregon farming.

While press releases had hinted earlier about the problems, OregonLivebrought the story to full readers’ attention with a story on April 30 with a story about the case of a Greenleaf, Idaho, company, Geertson Seed Farms, and the giant Monsanto Corp. According to the farmers’ complaint, the problem has to do with the claims “Roundup Ready” alfalfa that can withstand the company’s widely sold herbicide. Farmers worry about contamination and also the fact that conventional crops can’t be called organic.


The case has gone through the appeals process to the Supreme Court. Geertson Seed Farms was founded in Oregon, a place where environmental groups are particularly active and where going green is the byword. The company has been growing and selling alfalfa seed since 1942. They are supported by the Center for Food Safety, a group that has expressed concern about Monsanto’s practices. Forage Genetics International has sold genetically engineered seed in Idaho, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. A lower court imposed a nationwide injunction against the seed, which has been contested by Monsanto, which put it in the hands of the Supreme Court.

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