Massachusetts Rally for nuclear safety Massachusetts

 The Boston Globe 

Rally for nuclear safety

Spent-fuel storage fuel at the Pilgrim power plant in Plymouth is one area of concern. Spent-fuel storage fuel at the Pilgrim power plant in Plymouth is one area of concern. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff/File)
By Robert Knox


Globe Correspondent / May 5, 2011


A grass-roots group organized after the Japan nuclear disaster is holding what is expected to be a large rally for nuclear safety at Plymouth Rock on Saturday. Its leaders say it is neither antinuclear nor political in purpose.

“It’s about families. It’s not about politics,’’ said Anna Baker, coleader of Pilgrim: Make Us Safe Today, or Pilgrim: MUST.

The group moved the rally originally planned for the roadside outside the Pilgrim nuclear plant on the Manomet shoreline to the state park next to Plymouth Rock to make it safe for a larger group, after publicity for the gathering drew wide attention and other, older organizations piggybacked on. Baker esti mated 200 people on the permit for the demonstration, but is expecting more to attend.

While the Marshfield-based group is a new one on the block, veteran nuclear and environmental groups have been quick to add their sponsorship, swelling the expected numbers and contributing speakers. Well-established groups such as the 20,000-member Sierra Club of Massachusetts, looking for a platform to send a message on nuclear safety, have “put their stamp of approval on us’’ and spread the word to their members, Baker said.

The rally is scheduled to run from 10 a.m. to noon, with speakers scheduled to begin at 10:30. Those will include Pilgrim: MUST coleaders Baker and Daniel Ryan of Duxbury, representatives of the other sponsors, and state Representative James Cantwell, a Marshfield Democrat. US Representative Edward Markey has also been invited.

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