Achieving Health Without the Use of Prescriptions

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Achieving Health
Without the Use of Prescriptions

New book gives readers therapeutic options designed to keep them out of the doctor’s office


The truth about healthy living often conflicts with common medical beliefs

Quote start“People have sometimes asked if I’m a proponent for ‘alternative health care’”, said Frieders. “On the surface, the answer is ‘yes’”Quote end

Aurora, IL (PRWEB) April 27, 2011

According to author Larry J. Frieders, we live in an over-medicated society, and it’s getting worse by the day. In his experience as a pharmacist, which spans four decades, he has become disgusted with what passes for health care in the United States and wants to share some truth about how actual healthy living can be achieved and maintained.

In his new book, The Undruggist: Book One (published by Balboa Press), Frieders gives readers a simple compilation of his approach to health, separated into three easy to read and reference sections that cover compounding, home remedies and a frank discussion on healthy choices. While the book is written to give readers another look into the medications that they are ingesting and the surgical procedures that may be unnecessary, the theories and discussions in the book are based on hard facts gained throughout his career as a pharmacist.

“People have sometimes asked if I’m a proponent for ‘alternative health care’”, said Frieders. “On the surface, the answer is ‘yes’, however on a more real basis, I’m a supporter of more traditional approaches to health and healing: good food, clean water, modest exercise, limited exposure to poisons and time. I look at life and health as a standard.”

There is something for just about everyone in the pages of The Undruggist: Book One. From tips on urinary control, bad breath, proper shaving, weight loss and erectile dysfunction, Frieders offers solid alternatives to readers so that they may make their own decisions about how they take care of themselves. Frieders understands that when basic remedies seem unavailable or take too long, the alternative is to run to a prescription or agree to a surgical procedure. While these options have their place, their overuse often ends with adverse effects.

Running to the doctor for prescriptions and procedures has become the norm for many health issues. If approached with the sort of common sense available in The Undruggist: Book One, many of these ailments can be handled from the comfort of one’s home, because as Frieders puts it, “Health isn’t a right unless you fight for it.”

About the Author:
Larry J. Frieders, RPH, received a degree in pharmacy in 1971, later working at Cook County Hospital and as Director of Pharmacy at Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago. Larry would later leave the hospital setting and open his own pharmacy in 1983. After years in a drugstore environment, Larry became aware that the medicines he was dispensing were causing more harm than good. Deciding to discontinue commercial drug sales, Larry decided to work only as a compounder, working directly with customers and their doctors. In addition to his thriving business, Larry and his family now own and operate a popular Web site,, where he shares his sage medical advice and offers services and products only previously available to his customers in the Chicagoland area.

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