Debt, Radiation and Earthquakes: It is Getting Worse and Everyone Knows It

Debt, Radiation and Earthquakes: It is Getting Worse and Everyone Knows It

 April 26, 2011 By Tom Burnett (posted by permission)

Greece, Ireland and Portugal are going to default on their national debts. Most other EU nations are bailing out of private bonds in those countries and converting their equity to national debt.

China is bailing out of private US debt and converting it to treasury paper. At some point, and I think we reached it in 2009, China own more of the US than the US does. The other major lender to the US is Japan – which is now going to have to look inward and deal with immense international problems it simply cannot handle.

While it is trying, it will be irradiating the West and destroying all of the northern Pacific fisheries. But they cannot paper over Fukushima, any more than the US can paper over the economic crisis.

Our government is lying about the economy getting better. It is getting worse and everyone knows it. Japan is lying about the problems it is having with its nuclear plants. It’s not over. It is getting worse and everyone knows it.

The fossil fuel companies successfully convinced the world that global warming doesn’t exist. Or at least that it is not anthropogenic. For whatever reason, it DOES exist – and it’s too late to do anything about it. As ice melts and the weight is released from the tectonic plates it has held in place for thousands of years, those plates are going to move. They ARE moving. Japan will see more MAG9.x earthquakes. So will the left coast of the US.

Every nuclear reactor in the world was built to withstand the greatest possible shock imaginable. Magnitude 6.9. Those are starting to happen regularly. A 6.9 occurred in the Solomon Islands on the 23rd. Magnitude 6.x earthquakes are suddenly very common. Just like Category 5 hurricanes are becoming very common. Weather extremes are becoming very common.

Elevated radiation readings are becoming common, too. The solution is the only one available: Increase the ‘safe dosage limits’ to whatever the instruments are reading. No one will notice a few million extra cancer deaths a year. That is not sarcasm. It is literally true. No one WILL notice a few million more cancer deaths a year. After a couple of years people will just get used to seeing their friends and families die of cancer.

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