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Across America, millions of children are hungry right now, and may not have access to food today.Pledge to learn more about the hungry families in your community and find out what you can do to help.»In 2009, 17.2 million children lived in food insecure households, meaning that they didn’t have a stable food source and often went without.

These 6.8 million households with very low food security are located all over the country, and can be in any neighborhood — even yours. In times of economic stress, many families must make the choice between rent and food, and many children live solely on what they are served at school.

The family next door, kids in your local schools and even close friends could be among those families making the tough choice between food and shelter, and they might not know where to turn for help.

Make a pledge to learn how you can make a difference for hungry families in your local community.»

Thanks for taking action!Cori
Learn How You Can Make A Difference for Hungry Kids
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