The Medical Paradigm Is Fatally Flawed


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The Medical Paradigm Is Fatally Flawed

Submitted by Lois Rain on April 20, 2011 –

When one is entrenched in a paradigm, it is difficult for those involved or simply outside observing to pinpoint its makings. A major example, why do the common medical practices touted to help us actually harm us when there are plenty of non-harmful methods? Why are some of the prevailing preventative measures those that cause the issues we were trying to prevent? Where is the common sense with both the medical establishment and those who trust its tenants without question?

Heidi Stevenson’s eloquent account of the fatally flawed medical system encompasses an astonishing amount in one article. Things that we are uneasy with but may find difficult to articulate to our friends and loved ones who don’t understand why we question conventional medicine. So please, grab a comforting hot drink, enjoy some distraction free moments to make sense of a nonsensical medical world.

~Health Freedoms

Modern medicine serves up every stage and aspect of life to Profit. After destroying the methods and knowledge of the old ways, what will be left to replace them?

We live in a society based on a fatally flawed paradigm, a fact that is becoming apparent as we face a collapsing economic system in a collapsing environment. Even so, many who recognize the flaws of these systems still hold tightly to the concept of a medical system that exists for their benefit. It is, though, part of the same flawed paradigm.

Where Is Common Sense in Medicine?

Why is a child who gets bored in class labeled with a psychiatric disorder, and then drugged for it? And why are there so many new mental diagnoses? Oppositional defiant disorder? Conduct disorder? Any child who acts up can be labeled with a psychiatric disease—and much the same is true of adults.

Ultrasound is used to determine a baby’s position during childbirth, when palpation can do the trick just fine. Why use expensive technology with no longterm independent studies that document its safety on the fetus? Have you noticed all the “pre” conditions that are being defined? No longer must you worry about getting diabetes, you must also be concerned if your doctor says that you’re prediabetic. After convincing us that osteoporosis is a disease that women can virtually expect to get, we now learn that you can also suffer from osteopenia, pre-osteoporosis. Of course, that diagnosis wasn’t invented until a drug to treat it was in the process of being developed—a drug that, by the way, probably causes more cases of genuine osteoporosis than it prevents.

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