Monsanto’s New GM Soy to Grow “Fish Oil”

Monsanto’s New GM Soy to Grow “Fish Oil”

Submitted by Lois Rain on April 22, 2011 – 

Monsanto has a strange way of trying to regain a flagging popularity. But, they have the FDA on their side as they are just one approval away from flooding the market with their new GM soy that produces omega-3 fatty acids. FDA approval seems likely as the new soy is GRAS (generally recognized as safe by the FDA). The soy was bioengineered by inserting two genes: one from a flower and one from a red bread mold.

Even though Monsanto is considered the world’s most evil corporation by both alternative health news readers and environmentalists alike, market-timing is also on their side. Global fish stocks have been on the decline: Could it be fears from the radioactive water? GM fish to go on the market (and thereby threaten the wild fish population)? Mysterious deaths of millions of fish at a time? Or people opting for a mercury-free diet despite the AMA’s recommendation to have two fish servings a week to get their omega-3 fatty acid requirements? Whatever it is, consumers might be sick of fish and fisheries are facing depletion which appears to be a platform for Monsanto getting the “beneficial” soy on the market.

They plan for the SDA (stearidonic acid) soybean oil’s use in everything. If you’ve been paying attention, however, your grocery cart has already steered clear of all the unfermented soy products filling store shelves. You know where to get those natural omegas.

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Monsanto Modifies Soy Beans to Grow “Fish Oil”

The biotechnology firm Monsanto stands just one FDA approval away from growing soybeans that have been genetically modified to produce those omega-3 fatty acids that doctors are always recommending.

That FDA approval is expected this year, according to Science News.

Monsanto is so despised by environmentalists that Google’s first suggested search term for the St. Louis company is “Monsanto evil.” Readers of Natural News voted Monsanto the world’s most evil corporation in a January poll, giving the corporation a whopping 51 percent of the vote.

BP, by contrast, received 9 percent.

But there may be reasons for even health-loving greens to love “stearidonic acid soybean oil,” as Monsanto’s new product is called. Among them: depleted fisheries, environmental toxins in fish oil, and a new threat, the scope of which has not yet been fully realized: millions of gallons of radioactive water dumped into the ocean at the Fukushima-Daichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

The American Heart Association recommends Americans eat two servings of fish per week for the purpose of ingesting omega-3 fatty acids, which health experts say is essential to human health. Even the stodgy FDA agrees that omega-3 reduces risk of heart disease and recommends fish.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also available in whole grains, flax seed, fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, garlic, and “moderate wine consumption,”according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, but Americans don’t eat enough of those. Thus, the fish recommendation. And the “SDA soybean oil.”

Monsanto plans to include SDA soybean oil in just about everything: “baked goods and baking mixes, breakfast cereals and grains, cheeses, dairy product analogs, fats and oils, fish products, frozen dairy desserts and mixes, grain products and pastas, gravies and sauces, meat products, milk products, nuts and nut products, poultry products, processed fruit juices, processed vegetable products, puddings and fillings, snack foods, soft candy, and soups and soup mixes, at levels that will provide 375 milligrams (mg) of SDA per serving.”

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