Radioactive Fallout

Written by: Judy Dudiak

This blog/website News For The Proactive, is inspired by a series of emails I sent to friends and family right after the major earthquake ruptured various Fukushima reactors. The below email I sent a month ago is still important today. I will post additional items from those emails.


Previously Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 12:00 PM
Please view this video – from the Truth Frequency Radio – Special Broadcast on the Japanese disaster –  includes conspiracy theories that I do not necessarily agree or disagree with. However, the information about Chernobyl is shocking – you must know the truth. The video contains a lot of true and honest discussion that is very grim but critical at this time.
This may be the most important 2 1/2 hours of your life – please take the time to listen – it also includes is tremendous messages of empowerment. There is a document mentioned at the end that details nuclear research and it is attached.
Wow, this is intense stuff.
Please allow me to summarize and comment about this video and the recent material I’ve read after having some time to digest.  
There has been radioactive fallout polluting our environment coming directly from Japan’s nuclear reactors. There is no doubt in my mind about that. It is not “blanket” coverage but some areas were dusted more than others. Our oceans are being poisoned and ocean life can’t avoid being effected.
We are also witnessing live – the media – and the governments – no longer serving the people (if they ever served to begin with). We have had many discussions over the years about conspiracy theories so none of this really should come as a shock to anyone. They are clearly not telling us the information we need to know and when they do tell us something – we are being spoon-fed propaganda. Is anyone surprised?
The Internet has given us the opportunities to catch these guys red-handed – very quickly. My extremely paranoid forum board members believe TPTB (the powers that be) will pull down the Internet because it gives us too much power and the Webbot’s guy predicts a large data gap – a time when there is “no Internet chatter”. Please take note of this if the Net suddenly goes down.
This experience has allowed me to further educate myself about nuclear power. California has several nuclear facilities on faults or on low-lying coasts. The rest of the country is shockingly full of nuclear plants – functioning and dormant. While living in Las Vegas, I became aware of the dangers of nuclear waste because everyone wanted to ship theirs off to be buried in Yucca Mountain just north of Vegas. Please listen to the above video for what they have to do with Chernobyl – ongoing – to keep it “safe”.
I recently studied the New Madrid fault lines and the nukes lining those areas! One of the worst EQs this country ever recorded was at THIS FAULT!
What is wrong with us? – are we a race of sociopaths deep down inside? Or are we truly sheeple?
If we get out of this alive, we can no longer tolerate the use or experimentation of deadly elements that could potentially render this planet uninhabitable for thousands of years! This is serious. We must do something about this.
Look at all the cool technology we enjoy – you mean to tell me that the same creativity could not find methodologies to employ a sustainable energy source? Of course not and why? Because there is no profit in that – the utility companies DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOUR METER RUNNING BACKWARDS!!!!
I own a vehicle built in 1983 that has been getting over 25 MPG on the highway FOR ALL THESE YEARS!!!! The basic design for internal combustion engines have gone virtually unchanged. Why? Because it isn’t profitable to make changes. Because the public doesn’t demand it. Because the public bought whatever they were sold. Because “gas was cheap” the public chose to ignore the consequences of pumping oil from our oceans to feed their addictions to fossil fuels.
How many people on this list still eat Tuna? Most of us stopped years ago because of something a little boy started – he raised our consciousness about the atrocities happening to innocent dolphins – and we were united in our horror – all at once the market plummeted because we stopped buying the product. That industry had no choice but to respond. We have a lot of power when we choose to exercise it.
Please write to anyone and everyone about waking up to the nuclear problems facing this country today. The nuclear industry must be exposed (and the experimentation at Cern laboratory also must be stopped).
We really need to get outraged with the media and government over their recent response. As one example, it is so obvious that something is a miss when we start reading publications from France or Iceland – that radioactive particles register in THEIR SYSTEMS while GOING UNDETECTED IN OURS?! What’s up with that? Where is the public outcry for truth?
Well, enough of the tirade and back to the summary of points made in this video.
Please re-read my previous emails on radiation exposure plus additional precautions – you should wear a hat outdoors. The outdoor clothing should remain isolated. Immediately wash your hair, take a shower and change into indoor clothes especially if you are living in So Cal. The numbers coming out of Bakersfield were very high at times recently. Please hose down your car – especially the handles – before getting in. I love my car so I’ll also buy a new air filter for her.
If you viewed the various links I’ve been sending, you’ll see different types of radiation and various weather patterns. I noticed the numbers in Bakersfield, Montana and Colorado being exceptionally high. Those clouds dipped down over So Cal for sure. There has been all types of contradictory information in the media with little accountability at this moment. 
Something is up with the Japanese people – I have been concerned about humanitarian efforts. The people are far away and isolated. There are little recovery efforts in certain areas because of how many are actually dead. That is understandable but at this point in time, there are many people who have lost everything. There is discussion on the video about this and how their government is failing them.


Japanese Flowering Cherry by Petr Kratochvil

Previously, I sent a link about safe relocation and there was free information on the website front page that listed violent cities, angry places and other areas to be aware of. What do you suppose would happen if one of those angry cities experiences devastating earth changes? I ask each of us to use whatever is important to us directing healing, prayers, visualizations, etc. to diffuse the potential situation(s) now. This is part of our power and responsibility.
Please send these healing energies to the entire planet because even one place should not be in jeopardy.
It’s certainly time to take personal responsibility. Please prepare for potentially catastrophic events. I grew up in the Midwest and learned early how important contingency plans where; tornadoes and bad storms knocked out utilities sometimes for days. I will tell you that no one ever came to our door with food, water or a flashlight.
Please have basic survival gear in a grab-and-run bag handy. Please have extra food, water, supplies, flashlights, etc. at home. There is plenty of information available on the Net as well as survival lists and sources.
Please do not expect your government to be there to help you in an extreme emergency. They will likely be overwhelmed and under-prepared. Have your own contingency plans well established. Do your own preparation, be prepared to help others as much as you can including sharing shelter and provisions.
Please send strong messages demanding sustainable energy sources and accountability for what has already transpired. Please begin your own letter writing campaign including to the media outlets. Please tell everyone to get involved.
Thank you for reading and for all your efforts.


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