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Mar 22, 2011
Many of you probably remember way back to the days of those “email petition” chain letters from well-intentioned friends that used to inundate our inboxes. They never reached their target and they never had any impact.

My mother used to send me those all the time, and it would drive me crazy… so one day we threw together a little service called to let any individual or nonprofit start a petition, collect all the signatures in one place, and make sure they got delivered to their intended target.

About 3 weeks later, a woman from Alaska named Dorothy Keeler started a petition on the site to protect the wolves in Denali National park. The wolves didn’t realize there were park boundaries, so if they wandered outside they’d get shot.  A week later, Dorothy’s petition had over 1,000 signatures, so she printed them out and delivered the stack in person to the Alaska Game Bureau – helping to convince them to create a buffer zone around the park to protect the wolves.  At that point we knew we were on to something big – and since then thousands of individuals have created petitions on the site, we’ve worked with over 700 nonprofit organizations, collected over 60 million signatures, resulting in countless victories.

I tell that story to illustrate just how much has changed in the past 12 years.  The world of online advocacy and fundraising has gone from ineffective chain letter petitions to helping elect President Obama, raising millions of dollars through mobile fundraising for Haiti and Japan, and even now bringing down entire governments in the Middle East. It’s been an incredible time full of innovation.

To honor those individuals using online tools to advance their causes, we created the Care2 Impact Prize, which I was privileged to be able to present this past weekend at the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference in Washington, D.C.


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