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I am sending emails to other sites in the hopes of forming some type of relationship such as permission to post their blogs or about using their email congress/elected officials system. I’m certain because of all the spamming, congress has moved away from a direct email client into making it more difficult to automate that process.
I was looking for more action items to bring into this site and found many in small clusters. The more we all can unite under fewer themes, the better. But there are many great causes.
The programming to create what I have in mind does exist but since it supports an “industry”, it does not come cheap. There are a few citizens groups that have a nice interface so I have written to them recently. Since this blog/site has no commercial support, I am hoping to directly connect with several in some way. More on that as it develops.
If you look at one of the earliest posts here, it is all about communications. It is not enough to contact Congress, I want the ability to contact other officials and media – local, state and national. And I want to add other contacts and the methods of communication must vary.
For instance; the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Reactor in California is an action item I’m trying to organize. It’s license is up for renewal and it isn’t safe. I’ve written to a local grassroots group but they haven’t replied likely because of spring break (they are all mothers, funny). The contacts database for this action project needs to include specific individuals from PG&G and San Louis Obispo Board of Supervisors as an example.
Anyone who lives in California can contact officials at the State level where as local can take it to a meeting with a member of the SLO Board of Supervisors. If you are a PG&G customer – you have power there on that level.  Then let’s talk media – so there is a very good reason to automate this process. Emails, phone calls, snail-mail, personal visits, tweets all directed with one goal but individualized by the reader should have powerful influences.
Diable Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Copyright (C) 2002-2011 Kenneth & Gabrielle Adelman, California Coastal Records Project,

Why should each concerned citizen have to recreate these lists every time? It really is a big job and I never fault any of those organizations for trying to earn a living.

Then I have found many great sites that support so many causes.
Many wonderful sites. Maybe as I organize them for this site, I can also help to bring attention to one or more.
Then I wonder how effective are these petitions and emails? That’s my other big point. When someone casually signs a petition, it gives them the illusion of helping but does it really? Does the person feel “discharged” from the need to take further action? Further, the group organizing the petition must take it all the way to the various elected officials at all levels from ground to top. Any they must actively follow voting results because remember everyone is pulling at these officials for their votes.
So, along those lines another thing I’ve been looking at is the system to monitor congress. I just found an open source system that has great potential.
I am alarmed at the ongoing radiation coming from Fukushima that is being hidden from public knowledge. I am horrified as I continue educating myself.
Please take a moment to go to the wiki site I posted yesterday with all the nuclear reactors. I was beyond horrified. What is everyone thinking? What is happening with all this nuclear waste? Do you realize the billions of taxpayer dollars that have been spent on this industry? The Feds are now trying to take money away from retirees AND plan to further fund this industry. This is what keeps me moving forward on this project looking for ways I can help.

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Back to being only one person, there is only so much that I can do in any one day. I have web development and database experience but that was from a long time ago and in the “early days”. (I taught HTML 1.0 at a CompUSA as an example.) I already have a healthy reverence for great design and functionality. I have to take this slowly and one piece at a time.
Bringing this back to a to-do list that I can start on today. I have decided to first organize action items by categories, so I will be adding those. I’ll look at making few other adjustments. I see this site as my contribution so I hesitate to create any action items on sites I’ve found. My time is best spent looking for ways to bring us together and in one cohesive voice, letting our elected officials know in no uncertain terms.
So if anyone has any ideas or comments, please let me know.
In the meantime, have a lovely day! I hope spring has sprung on your grassroots.

PS I just discovered comments that were trapped in my spam folder written by real individuals and approved all those today. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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