News for the Proactive – Site Construction

Site Construction Posts

Written by: Judy Dudiak

Thank you Peter for inspiring me to write posts about creating this site. This will be more personal and less formal than what I might write elsewhere. At this second, the site is what it is so there is no point in talking about what happened in the past. I’ve included the reason for this blog/site on the About and Legal Pages.

I’m moving my focus from the basic look and structure to the functionality I want to see. And of course, adding to content.

I’ve been doing a lot of research about communicating with public officials using digital means as well as on the overall effectiveness of certain type of campaigns. I hate wasting time and I hate spam. I plan to avoid spamming our public servants with form letters so this system will have talking points and a few suggested sentences but not complete emails.

I want to create the action items so an individual can read, become better educated on an issue and take some kind of action right there on the spot.

I want to create a one time; walk away type of action where the reader sends one series of whatevers (emails, tweets, Facebook posting, etc.)

I want a reader to have the ability to join a project created within my system for a deeper level of committment.

The creating and management of a project is the deepest level of committment. A project can be created by a subscriber (with admin approval). There will be project “binder” form that will hold information including contact information, documents or their links, talking points, checklists, etc.

Each project will be included in a forum for members to collaborate and organize.

I previously posted an advocacy checklist by RESULTS that will be similar in content to the checklist included for each Action Project. (I’m also still trying to decide exactly what to name it.)

The project must be able to integrate outside citizen’s advocacy systems such as emailing Congress, sending Tweets or posts to Facebook and other new forms of communication.

I see this site as the ultimate grassroots clearinghouse of action oriented projects and items.

And I’m only one person with no budget – now how idealist is that?

As I told Peter this morning, I consider the Action Item section of this site to be a mess. So organizing those categories are on my to-do list.

Part of the reason I wanted to use a blog type setting is I like the proactive nature of the reader’s ability to write comments. However, fair warning since all comments are moderated by me, I don’t plan to put up with any nonsense. I’ve read many a post that was derailed by ridiculous remarks. We don’t have time to play those games here. I don’t mean disagreements – those are healthy and necessary. This is the venue for openly discussing differences of opinions. (Of course by my choice of topics, we all know where I stand on certain issues.)

Thank you for taking the time to write comments to any of the posts on this site.

The free animated gif at the top is available from Mike’s Free Animated Gifs 


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