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Welcome to, a nonpartisan news and information website devoted to encouraging civic participation.

Here’s a quick guide to our site and its features.

As an unregistered visitor to our site you can:

As a registered user to our site, you can take full advantage of the many tools we offer citizen activists:

  • Contact your Member of Congress with an e-mail that you can be assured will go directly to his or her inbox.
  • Write a Soapbox Alert, which is a public message that other site users can read and use in their own letters to lawmakers. It’s a great way to rally others to a cause, and every registered user gets four free Soapbox Alerts a month.
  • Follow your favorite issues, track the letters and Soapbox Alerts you’ve written, and keep an eye on the lawmakers who represent you in Congress.
  • Create a public profile page, where other users at the site can see as much or as little as you wish to share about your views and interests.
  • Sign up to receive any or all of our four weekly e-mail newsletters.
    1. Updates on Congressional action
    2. Health care news
    3. Energy and environment news
    4. MegaVote, our personalized tally of how your lawmakers voted on the big issues of the day

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